WordPress development

Why WordPress?

WordPress, as of early 2021, is the most popular content management system that operates 40.1% of all sites present on the Internet.

At the same time, it is the absolute market leader in content management systems (CMS), which allow project management to work effectively with the site without the full range of skills and experience of a professional developer, holding 64.4% of the market.

Also, it is worth mentioning that every year the popularity of CMS WordPress continues to grow, leaving competitors far behind.

The closest competitors of WordPress are Shopify, which occupies 3.3% of global distribution, 5.3% of the CMS market and Joomla - 2.2% and 3.4% respectively.

You can get acquainted with statistics as of today here: W3Tech

I thought WordPress was purely for blogging ...

To say that WordPress is a blogging platform is to ignore all the plug-ins and developer services that site owners can use and use to turn their website into almost anything they want.

Take, for example, the WooCommerce plugin, which is used by 5% of all websites on the Internet. Given the exclusivity of WooCommerce for WordPress, WordPress is the most popular CMS for e-commerce. No Shopify (3.3%).

WordPress the best CMS system?

If your budget and development skills are significantly limited and you can't afford to invest in a project at this stage of business development, systems like Wix or Squarespace seem better.

However, in the long run, the system of monetization of such CMS along with the lack of functionality lead to the need to rewrite the project from scratch. If you talk about the cost, you will pay a not very noticeable amount, but every month. As your needs expand, the monthly cost will increase. Moreover, at a certain stage you are limited by the functionality offered by the system, and you are not able to "add" what you need. As a result, two years of hosting your project on the Internet based on these CMS will lead to the level of costs for the development of a full-fledged independent site, if not exceed them.

At the same time, CMS WordPress is difficult to blame for the lack of functionality or high cost of maintenance. You get an easy-to-use and standalone website that doesn't take resources away from you every month. This is a CMS, where the extension of functionality does not require rewriting the project from scratch.

What is the nuance?

It is also difficult to argue that WordPress, in its original state, will not be able to meet the needs of most site owners. Especially those who use online projects to do business.

This is where WordPress developers are needed, developing amazing solutions based on WordPress due to skills, experience and professional approach, leaving you the same simple and user-friendly WordPress interface, which allows you to work with the site yourself without the need to involve developers in the future, except of functionality or maintenance questions.

As a result, WordPress, paired with a professional developer, will allow you to quickly and at a moderate budget to build almost any project, make it flexible and, moreover, scale it in the future. This makes WordPress a strong competitor not only in the CMS market, but also for fully self-written solutions. That is why WordPress occupies much more than half of the market of all CMS and is constantly moving to the equator of the entire Internet.

What we offer

Our specialization is the development of WordPress solutions of any complexity on the principle of a full cycle.

Do you need a landing, an online store, an organization's website, a project website, a business portal, a multi-page website, a blog, a news portal? All you have at this stage is an idea or a vision? Need to integrate sophisticated functionality, a link to a CRM system, automate product import or news posting, link your project to social media, and use content from there to optimize site management time? Just contact us.

We will help you plan and implement your project from domain name, hosting, structure and design to development, automation, hosting and support. The only thing that will be required of you is content, as it represents the uniqueness of your project on the market.